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Clients often compliment us on the quality of our staff and with good reason. At Pine Plains every staff member has deliberately chosen the equestrian industry for their career and has spent years studying and training to be effective and competent in their job. The majority of our staff fulfill the same job specification as grooms and trainers. At Pine Plains you won’t find one person mucking stalls; another grooming and tacking up; a third person schooling and someone else again giving instruction – all our staff do all these things. This holistic overview of your horse’s welfare means that both you and he are in the best possible hands. In this way you can confidently work in your office during the week or go away on vacation and be certain that your horse is receiving the very best care and attention, 365 days of the year.

Recruiting and keeping qualified staff is a constant challenge in all equestrian organizations. At Pine Plains we use our contacts to source dedicated young professionals who are looking to use their skills in a busy, vibrant environment. Pine Plains Equestrian Center is an attractive destination for trainees and professionals alike looking to advance their careers and we are often contacted by potential recruits and we are never short of qualified staff.
The team at Pine Plains always comprises a fun, eclectic group of equestrian enthusiasts who are happy to share their knowledge and experience with our clients. 
We are always interested to hear from anyone seeking to work at Pine Plains so if you think you fit the bill, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Please visit job vacancy for more information and then apply in the first instance by contacting us.



A native of Thomastown, CT, Pam began riding at the age of 10 and, apart from a brief hiatus while she studied for an alternative career in plumbing, she has dedicated her life to working in the horse industry.  After high school she attended Post University in Waterbury, CT to study for a B.S. in Equine Business Management and Accounting.  As part of that course she spent three months at the Huntley School of Equitation in England where she gained a number of British Horse Society qualifications including her Preliminary Teaching Test.

Pam has worked in a variety of different barns but took up the chance to work with us when it was proposed by Carole Baker, head of student training at Post, and she is now delighted to be working and gaining further experience as part of the Pine Plains family.



Sparky (pictured left), a miniature schnauzer, joined the team as Sweep’s second-in-command in 2011 and has now been joined, in November 2016, by a schnoodle called Lily (on the right).  Together they are in charge of meeting and greeting all our guests at Pine Plains Equestrian.


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Our Horses are under 24 hour supervision at Pine Plains Equestrian